‘Adam Ruins Everything’ To Ruin Presidential Election Which Had Been Going So Well

TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything, in which exhausting speed-talker Adam Conover purports to explain to you the hidden truths behind everything you know and love, walks a fine line between things people don’t know and things people do know but don’t care about, like the fact that your hometown football team actually is from another city, as are most of its teammates, and all you’re obsessively rooting for is some brand name.

On the other hand, they also informed America that jaywalking is a term created by the automotive industry. Somewhere between those two lies the show, EP Sam Reich told TV critics this afternoon at TCA.

They also ruined death for viewers, and explained that whatever you are doing to contribute to the effort to stop global warming is ineffective.

On that depressing note, the show’s upcoming election special, October 25, will use a slightly different format, to ruin the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The special will seem more like Ted Talk-y, with Conover –  who wanted TV critics to know he never fell for the Santa Claus thing, even as a young child –   stands and talks, with slides, while actors perform comedy sketch elements. The election show will explain weird social science facts about presidential history, how polling works, and otherwise fill in the gaps of knowledge about our country’s process of picking POTUS.