The 10 Best Web Series of 2016


With Netflix, Hulu and Amazon producing the most-discussed long form web content of 2016, it’s easy to forget about all of the great short form comedy still getting pumped into the digital universe. The web series is more than just a vital platform for the development of fresh comedic voices—it’s an art form on par with any other, capable of telling bite-sized stories with no less heft than their longer counterparts. These ten series, the year’s finest, run the gamut from satire to new wave reality show, and even a fictionalized account of Monica Lewinsky’s time living in New York City.

8. 1600 in 360

Virtual experiences are at the forefront of every medium, and comedy web series are no exception. CollegeHumor’s 1600 in 360 is a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure-style web series that uses immersive 360 degree technology to allow you to explore the Oval Office of famous presidents, catching different jokes from all sides of the room. It’s ultimately pretty light but nonetheless enjoyable fair, sort of like Drunk History with a fun tech angle.

6. I Want My Phone Back

I Want My Phone Back is a game show that toys with its contestants—and by extension, our culture’s—dependence on smart phones in every little corner of everyday life. (Full disclosure: I use a basic phone, but I do live in the world, so I was able to follow the show’s logic.) Contestants hand over their phones to host Alana Johnston, who sends missives in their name out into the world, increasing the potential prize based on how embarrassing the text, tweet or email will be. It’s hilarious to watch people squirm as Johnston pretends to be them, texting their boyfriend that they have diarrhea ($100) or sending fan fiction to a potential employer ($1,000 turned down, the contestant took her phone back).