Adam Conover Interviewed As One Of Hollywood's 15 Rising Crossover Stars

"Conover made web videos with his Bard College sketch group before YouTube even launched. But it was through comedy site CollegeHumor that the Long Island-raised 34-year-old found his big break. Adam Ruins Everything, in which he debunks popularly held ideas (like why owning a home is better than renting one), has generated 30 million views and caught the attention of TruTV, which picked up the series in 2015. "They had the chutzpah to take a risk," says Conover who has also voiced characters on Bojack Horseman."

HOW I GET MY NEWS "New York TimesWashington Post and L.A. Times apps. I'm taking a Twitter hiatus."

LAST EMOJI I USED "There's a dying rose with a single petal falling over. It's very beautiful and sad."

IF I COULD SWAP JOBS WITH ANYONE IN HOLLYWOOD, I'D PICK ... "A late-night host. When you see James Corden, you think, 'This guy is having a blast.'" 

ON A FRIDAY NIGHT YOU'LL FIND ME ... "At home streaming on Twitch. I'm way too tired to go out on Friday nights." 

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