The 50 Comedians You Should Know in 2015: #7 Adam Conover

Known For: Stand-up, sketch

Twitter: @AdamConover

Adam Conover has found a very entertaining way to take the fun out of just about anything. In his College Humor series “Adam Ruins Everything,” he’s explored the histories of engagement rings, circumcision, and purebred dogs to prove why none of them are as good — or as necessary — as we always thought. The videos caught the eye of TruTV; he’s currently working on a pilot of Adam Ruins Everything for the network. Of course, he’s not always a know-it-all killjoy; a former member of the sketch troupe Olde English, he’s also an excellent stand-up.

Watch: Adam’s insightful look at America’s secular circumcision tradition; or, why "the 19th century prude who invented Corn Flakes is trying to ruin your sex life