Chris Daughtry, Jordin Sparks Try Out 'Star Wars' Songs in CollegeHumor Short

American Idol alums Jordin Sparks and Chris Daughtry helped celebrate Star Wars Day by auditioning for the famed franchise's Cantina band in a CollegeHumor short.

Daughtry -- in full Darth Maul makeup -- auditioned under the name "Chris Darthtry," belting "I will embrace the dark side / with all the anger inside / I'll make the Jedi pay." Sparks, or "Jor Din Sparks," used a light-saber microphone before urging fans to vote for her to win Intergalactic Idol by pleading "Help me, voters! You're my only hope!"

Also appearing in the video: Stormtrooper Ben Folds singing the blues about killing a lovable Ewok,Liz Phair as a hippie-like tree hugger ("1-2-3-4, we don't want your galactic war!"), Mark McGrath representing the Sand People as a beach dude, Rick Springfield (or Rick Forcefield) using the force to play air guitar, "Weird Al" Yankovic on accordion, and Lisa Loeb auditioning via hologram because she "overbooked herself" and is actually a general in the galactic civil war. Reggie Watts andMC Chris (as Boba Fett) round out the wacky auditions.

The CollegeHumor short was part of a partnership between LucasFilm and YouTube Space LA.