Comedian Calls Out TSA For Not Actually Stopping Terrorists

TAKING OFF YOUR shoes. Removing your belt. Putting your laptop in a separate bin. Going through the TSA security check at the airport is kind of a pain, but it makes you feel safer. But is that all the TSA check does, just make you feel safe?

In the next episode of Adam Ruins Everything, airing tomorrow on truTV, comedian Adam Conover explores the “security theater” of the TSA screening process and examines why it’s not much different than the tamper-resistant protections put on medication.

It’s an interesting—and funny—bit. But is it entirely accurate? Conover welcomes you to fact-check him.

“In its highest aspirations, the show hopes to inspire people to think more critically about the world around them,” Conover says. “I don’t claim to have all the answers; after all, I’m just a comedian who reads a lot. That’s why we put our sources on screen—to empower the audience to check our work and do their own research.”

Watch the new Adam Ruins Everything segment above.